This is a starting point that will help you to connect


with the  “what and why” of managing your creative business money




Knowing only the essentials, the “must-knows” about managing/handling the money and finances in your business AND being comfortable to do so are important to the survivor ship of your creative-artistic enterprise.


Continue on your path to becoming more comfortable and familiar with what your creative business money management can provide for you and the help it can offer to you as you diligently apply yourself to your chosen creative endeavour.


The information presented here is intended to get you thinking about the central areas when working with your creative business money and to help you adapt yourself into having a renewed perspective about managing and working with your business money.


To stay true to your entrepreneurial purpose as a creative-artistic entrepreneur, your mindset is so important to keeping your focus about how you think about your business money. It starts with your inner thinking.


Remember to always work towards having your best business money good in mind and in place. To achieve that, you need a continuing plan . . . so you are moving it forward into your reality.


Only you can take yourself out of where you have been and position yourself where you wish to be. Keep the momentum flowing and stay true to your business, your creativity and your purpose as a creative-artistic entrepreneur.



This path of helping you to work with managing your creative business money includes:



Journal Worksheets and Checklist to guide you through the program





22 short & concise Audios






Part 1: Cultivate an Appreciation for Bookkeeping


Part 2: Know Your Income Statement & Profitability Points


Part 3: How to Discern Your Average Monthly Money Outflows


Part 4: Working with Your Cash Flows


Part 5: Essentials of a Flexible Business Money Plan


Part 6: Learning How to Work with Your Tax Authority


Part 7: Acknowledging Your Priceless Time & Creativity




. . . each Part presents 7 Concise, Online Written Presentations together with your Journal Worksheets (for you to complete your action steps and express yourself as you wish to . . . )


$ 47.00