As a Creative-Artistic Entrepreneur, you have likely heard that you should . . .



♦ Know your key business numbers

♦ Have business money systems in place



Become enlightened through knowing only the essentials –

the “must-knows” about managing/handling the money and finances in your business AND

have the “how-tos” in place so they work and are sustainable for you over the long term –



Presented in a


Guided & Sensitive Approach to Allow You to Find Your Own Path


to Handling Your Creative-Artistic Business Money . . .





Part 1: Starting a New Connection with Your Creative Business Money


As an introduction and opening, bring about your new connection with your business money through linking to your inner confidence and discover ways to arouse this. You can’t have a new beginning if you remain with your prior ways of thinking about your business money . . . it all starts with deeply finding your inner confidence and then securing it as a place of retreat when your confidence wavers. Through using your creative sensibilities, complete with breathing exercises – emerge on your path to re-building your business money confidence. Make a declaration to arouse this new enlightenment with your creative business money.



Part 2: Arranging Your Bookkeeping in Order and in Place

To start, know that bookkeeping is NOT the monster it is made out to be . . . it is there to serve you and your business as an artistic-creative entrepreneur . . .

Good business money handling and management starts with having a bookkeeping process in place. This often eludes many entrepreneurs as it seems so complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Become enlightened and learn what you need to and leave the rest behind – liberate yourself from one of the more puzzling and time consuming aspects of your business money.

Finally, MAKE A DECISION ABOUT YOUR BOOKKEEPING that really comes down to: hiring bookkeeping help or performing it yourself. We will take you through the options and help you to finally make a decision about what option is TRULY BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR CREATIVE BUSINESS.

Also, follow guidelines and methods to turn your decision into an active reality, whether you choose to perform it yourself or to hire bookkeeping help.

Part 3: Understanding Your Income Statement & Profitability Points

Your business income statement is by far, your most important connection to better understanding your business money . . . it is one of the most important pieces of the financial puzzle that you need to know as a creative-artistic entrepreneur as it presents invaluable information.

Knowing what it is, why you need it, when you need to make use of it and how to get it and what exactly you need to do with your income statement is one of the essential “must-knows” of your business money. As an entrepreneur of quality and wanting the very best for your business, then knowing about and working with this money statement is one of the most important pieces of your business.

Learn what to do with and how to maximize the use of the information that is presented in this highly important business statement. Understand in a simply and accessible method information regarding your revenue, cost of sales, gross margin, expenses and net profit in a easy-to-understand and extremely helpful way.

Also, become conversant with your Profitability Points, consider that you may already know when you are making money with selling your artistic-creative products/services (items & talents), but do you know the exact numbers? If not, you need to be aware of the essential numbers that you need to confidently know in order for you to be operating your business at its optimum.

Again, you will learn the easiest way to find and work with your important Profitability Points, so it becomes part of your savvy as a true creative entrepreneur!


Part 4: Creating Your Flexible Business Money Plan


Our Flexible Business Money Plan (often known as a “budget”) is another business money essential as it provides your own road map for moving you forward with your business. If done correctly, it will give you the confidence to make decisions, plan for and implement changes, only where you need to. Learn how to estimate for your plan, compare with the actual results to clearly see where you can make changes – all designed for your creative business money benefit!


This is one of the most misunderstood and underused tools that you should have in your business that will give you a practical blueprint while building your confidence about the key money areas of your business. Feel and watch yourself become all that you can be with the possibilities in your business and fulfilling your creative mission. You will have a workable plan that you can actually use, without any doubt or confusion. You will, likely for the first time: GAIN & FEEL IN CONTROL OF YOUR CREATIVE BUSINESS MONEY.


Part 5: Clarifying Your Average Monthly Money Outflows


Another part of using your income statement to its best effect is to know how to look at your money outflows. This is so important to your making some of the best determinations that you can about HOW you spend your money and turn it around to further develop your artistic work. Don’t let this become a problem for you – learn how to continue to financially support your creative expressions, through knowing how to monitor the money that flows out of your business every month and help yourself to make OPTIMAL PRICING DECISIONS.


Part 6: Achieving Harmony with Your Cash Flows


There is much talk about this topic and while it is important, it doesn’t need to be overdone. The “why” and “how” of managing/handling your cash flow really only involves a few simple actions that should be taken on a consistent basis to be their most effective. Learn these practical cash flow actions that you can put into place to make your business easier to manage and relieve the cash flow burden that can often occur.



Part 7: Becoming Comfortable with Your Tax Authority

The need to communicate and deal with your tax authority is a situation that all entrepreneurs will encounter, even as just part of your regular activities in your business. However, it is important not to underestimate knowing how to approach them, work with them and make your dealings with them as comfortable and easy as possible. Become aware of practical steps that will help you to take decisive action, to place your business in a better and prepared position in order to properly deal with your tax authority. Learn about your behaviour and general guidelines that will place you in your best position and make your working with them as smooth and effortless as possible.


Part 8: Honouring Your Priceless Time & Creativity

Liberate your creative time through consideration about what only artistic-creative people like you know – that you are so different from all other entrepreneurs. The demands on you both as an entrepreneur AND artist can make things so much more challenging with reference to your time. Your creative flow must have time to expose and release itself together with your need to feel as though you are using your time to its fullest. Explore your time and its relation to your creativity – don’t shortchange yourself on this inspirational and nonreplenishible resource.


Part 9: Your Renewed Confidence & Staying True to Your Entrepreneurial Purpose


Only you can take yourself out of where you have been and position yourself where you wish to be – and I hope we have taken you there. Together we will observe where you were and where you are NOW – taking time to recount your journey is primal to further building your confidence and commitment to your business money. Keep the momentum flowing and stay true to your business, your creativity and your purpose as a creative-artistic entrepreneur.


You will achieve an understanding of the material to your best benefit as it is presented through:

a Blend of Self-Learning & LIVE Support


◊ You will access each of the 9 topic areas with informational material of instructional audios accompanied with step-by-step worksheets that are designed for you to go hand-in-hand with exploring all that you need to unveil your journey on Creating Your Business Money Enlightenment. All content is presented in a sequential order, so you may easily stay on track and organized with every step.


◊ Additionally you are provided with your own Business Money Progress Worksheets for you to complete after each of the main sections of the lessons. You will complete the questions provided there and then forward it to us for our tailored recommendations, specifically for you. You can choose between either email or live phone support for the delivery of your recommendations. You are also able to openly ask your questions about realizing your highest good with your business money as presented in the program. This is designed to make you feel as though you have real support that will allow you to hone your confidence . . . using our Unique PRIVATE & PERSONAL SERVICE.


◊ Also included are Interactive Checklists and Templates are Designed for You to Permanently Use in Managing and Working with Your Creative Business Money.

This learning is designed for the express purpose of:


→ Connecting you with your business money in a way that is approachable and designed as simply as possible

→ Furnishing you with a step-by-step, plan that you can easily follow to actually get these things done and completed, no more contemplation

→ Helping you to experience an all-in-one essentials money handling package that is designed to finally give you the business money know-how that you need

→ Building your confidence to turn yourself away from skeptical and apprehensive to confident, happy and in control of your business money




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Thanks so much! The course material sounds so clear and helpful that I do think you are doing a great job of this, and I look forward to being much more comfortable with this aspect of managing my small, creative business. Best, Margaret

The training provided is second to none and best help I could have received to learn what I needed to know about my business money . . . Dan

This coaching was essential and much appreciated for my business and what I learned and did has helped me to realize all of the opportunities that I have since had! Thank you! . . . Rachel