Often Your Creative Business will Require Other Services . . .





To that end, we also provide:


  • Corporate and sole proprietor tax preparation and filing
  • Legal referral and liaison services
  • Advanced personal tax planning / strategies
  • Combined personal and business tax planning
  • Money planning guidance
  • Your requested business advisory assistance


Tax Preparation & Filing


Corporate tax preparation and filing is one of the most challenging processes for any business as it involves knowledge of Canadian tax laws and filing requirements and likewise on the provincial level.


Proper and careful tax planning allows you to minimize the amount of tax that you pay and you must have qualified professionals to handle all aspects of the planning and filing of your corporate / business taxes.


We offer a unique service for creative individuals and companies whereby we file your taxes to be timely and in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency and applicable provincial laws. Our objective is to provide you with tax planning that is designed to minimize your taxes while ensuring that you file and remit on a timely basis in order to avoid costly late filing and interest fees.


Tax Planning & Optimization


These services are especially useful to protect your corporate assets, undertake a corporate reorganization, a review of your company contracts or engage in relevant and meaningful tax planning that will ultimately minimize your business, corporate and personal taxes – just to name a few.


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Periodic Financial Reviews


  • Your financial statements and other information about your business is readily available for you if you have a proper bookkeeping and accounting system. We use that information to assess your company and be sure that you are reaching the targets that you have either set-out to achieve or should be considering.


We Provide:calendar


  • A professional review of your balance sheet and income statement using our 6 Point Analysis System, that gives you insightful benchmarks about your business that will help you to better understand your company performance.


  • An easy-to-understand report about your business and the explanation about what you can improve upon and what is working in your business.



Benefits to You:


  • This information provides insights into your business in terms of profitability, financial leverage and productivity
  • Assists you in making quality decisions based on actual financial data – eliminates estimating or guessing
  • Financial reporting to help with making year-to-year comparisons about your business financial performance.
  • The financial information found in this reporting will help you to determine operational and strategic direction for your company.
  • Remember it is your obligation as a business owner to be able to learn from your business financials and to make conclusions and draw insights into what they are telling you and for you to act on this information.
  • We will provide professional insights about where your company is and where it can be going based on your financials.
  • It helps you to gauge future actions and plans for your company.



Advanced Business Strategies


If you are an established business and you wish to take your company in a different direction or you are wanting advice regarding your business at any stage, we provide business consulting services to help you make better choices and to uncover the business options available to you.


Other services we offer include:


  • Helping you to prepare your Flexible Business Money Plan
  • Dealing with your Cash Flows
  • Clarifying Your Average Monthly Outflows
  • Helping You with Balancing Your Priceless Time & Your Business Objectives
  • Advanced Tax Planning Strategies Between Your Personal and Business Money


This helps you to create a clearer understanding and to determine what your best next steps might be. This also extends to specific accounting or tax planning opportunities that you may be able to benefit from. In certain circumstances, we will refer you to our other trusted allied professionals that can help you with more complex and specific business situations.


Receive the benefit of helpful, cooperative and cheerful assistance to make you feel comfortable and at ease with your business questions.


Note that our services are a 100% deductible business expense.


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