I am inspired and grateful for the opportunities as an art consultant and art business advisor.

I’m privileged to help art enthusiasts, art collectors & artists to discover and flourish through art.

My professional best is when I show art consulting clients how art can enhance their surroundings and

when I can lend my considerable business experience to art galleries and visual artists

who need direction about the business side of art.


. . . Shantel Susan, Art Consultant & Art Business Advisor



Alongside her art consulting offers, Money & Artists founder and art consultant, Shantel Susan and her team, provide a variety of services to art galleries and artists-entrepreneurs, like you who have the grace to express themselves and honour their creative calling.


As you have many demands on your creative time and energy, you may wish for other alternative help with accounting for and managing your business money.


To that end, you will discover a variety of services to ensure that all possible tax, business requirements and strategies are being met.


Shantel and her firms are members of the Canadian Society of Decorative Arts and Visual Arts Alberta (CARFAC) and lends her name to several juror opportunities.  She continuously keeps herself aware of what is occurring in the art world, locally, nationally and internationally through attendance at art auctions, art briefings and updates and other arts-related events.  She engages in ongoing independent study of the art market, including attendance at the Art & Finance Briefings as hosted by Deloitte International together with following other aspects of the cultural landscape in Canada and abroad.


She also contributes extensive articles and commentary to various online sources about art, design and business in relation to art.


Shantel’s educational background includes interior design and art coursework from Canada, United States and England as well as significant independent study.  She holds a Degree in Business & Arts Administration, a Diploma in Interior Design and a Diploma in Finance.


Shantel Susan, B.A.S., ID Dipl., Fin. Dipl.

Art Consultant & Art Business Advisor

Founder, Money & Artists